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Thunderstorm, a violent, short-lived weather disturbance that is almost always associated with lightning, thunder, dense clouds, heavy rain or hail, and strong, gusty winds. Thunderstorms arise when layers of warm, moist air rise in a large, swift updraft to cooler regions of the atmosphere. There the moisture contained in the. All thunderstorms are dangerous. Every thunderstorm produces lightning. While lightning fatalities have decreased over the past 30 years, lightning continues to be one of the top three storm-related killers in the United States. On average in the U.S., lightning kills 51 people and injures hundreds more. Although most. Thunderstorms What is a thunderstorm? A thunderstorm is a storm with lightning and thunder. Its produced by a cumulonimbus cloud, usually producing gusty winds, heavy rain and sometimes hail. Cumulonimbus Cloud What causes a thunderstorm? The basic ingredients used to make a thunderstorm are moisture. Frequently, the downdrafts and associated outflows from a storm trigger new convective cells nearby, resulting in the formation of a multiple-cell thunderstorm. Tornadoes occur most often in association with thunderstorms during the spring and summer in the mid-latitudes of both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. As the water vapor condenses into liquid, latent heat Bier Haus Slot Online - Spela Nya Casino Slots Gratis released, which warms the air, causing it to become less dense than Dragons Pearl Slots - Play Free Novomatic Slot Games Online surrounding, drier air. An EF5 tornado, the strongest category, rips buildings off their foundations and can deform large skyscrapers. Here is a great experiment that allows the kids to make lightning. Downburst winds can produce numerous hazards to landscapes experiencing thunderstorms. Lightning kills and injures more people each year than hurricanes or tornadoes; between 75 to 100 people. For example, when lightning strikes a sand dune, it can instantly melt the sand into glass. Worldwide, there are an estimated 16 million thunderstorms each year, and at any given moment, there are roughly 2,000 thunderstorms in progress. The positive charges or protons form at the top of the cloud and the negative charges or electrons form at the bottom of the cloud. Mature thunderstorms are found near the center of the cluster, while dissipating thunderstorms exist on their downwind side. thunderstorm Warnings indicate imminent danger to life and property. Martin Luther was out walking when a thunderstorm began, causing him to pray to God for being saved and promising to become a monk. Greeks believed that they were battles waged by Zeus , who hurled lightning bolts forged by Hephaestus. Lightning works in the same way. The simultaneous presence of both an updraft and a downdraft marks the mature stage of the storm and produces cumulonimbus clouds.

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Forest Rain & Thunderstorm Sounds 10 Hours If you’re playing an outdoor activity, wait at least 30 minutes after the last observed lightning strike or thunder. Dont forget to like and subscribe us if u liked our sounds. As the rising air reaches its dew point temperature, water vapor condenses into water droplets or ice, reducing pressure locally within the thunderstorm cell. Know the Difference Severe Thunderstorm Watch - Severe thunderstorms are possible in and near the watch area. When these downdrafts reach the surface, they spread out and turn into the destructive straight-horizontal winds. Look for darkening skies, flashes of lightning, or increasing winds. Each year, many people are killed or seriously injured by severe thunderstorms despite the advance warning.

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